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Trading Card Example

Student created Trading Card using

Big Huge Labs has so many different choices and applications that can be used in the classroom. There are tools to create magazine covers, movie posters, jigsaw puzzles, a photo booth maker, trading cards, and more. We have used Big Huge Labs in my elementary school library in collaboration with third grade. Students created trading cards with information on a natural disaster that they had researched. We also did an activity with 4th grade on earthquakes and volcanoes. They were able to choose a template, insert a picture, write a title, and add facts to share. The only hiccup was that students had to have an email address to sign up for their own account. The way we got around this was to have one teacher account and student’s all logged in to that same account. We ended up printing four copies of the trading cards in color on one page of paper. The students cut the cards and then had a trading day. They loved going around a collecting cards from their classmates and sharing information they learned about their topic.


Foldplay is used to take pictures and make origami, foldable books, paper models, puzzles, and more. In the library we used the puzzle maker to create puzzle pieces to be used to teach first graders how to find books based on call numbers in each section of the library. All you have to do is upload a photo, choose your layout, and create a puzzle. You can choose a hexagon, pentagon, or triangle. There is an option to print a two-sided puzzle piece with pictures on both sides but, we left ours with only one picture so the other side was blank. We used book covers as the photos for our puzzle. Once we printed, laminated, and cut the puzzle pieces we hid them in books throughout the library. Each piece was hidden in a different section and then recorded on a handout to give the students. We used a wet erase maker to write the call number on the back of each puzzle piece. Students worked in groups to find the puzzle pieces and once they had all of them their goal was to put the pieces together. This taught the students how to locate books based on their call number. They were super excited when their puzzle was complete.


Pic Collage Advertisement

Student created book advertisement using Pic Collage

Pic Collage is an app that allows you to import a picture and make all kindsof adjustments, use frames, and even write on the picture. We use this in the library during makerspaces. Students are creating book advertisements to display in the library and on the website. They can select a book that they have read and want to share with others in the school. A friend must take a picture of them in front of the green screen with the book. They select an image as a background and then add their book picture to it using the green screen app. Once the picture is saved to the camera roll they can then open Pic Collage and add writing, rotate the photo, add frames, and more. This has been a very successful activity. We have gotten more than we need of Pic Collage advertisements to display and the students absolutely love taking the photos and getting very creative with their poses and editing.


There are so many different online image editors, free, and paid apps available to users. It’s certainly nice not to have to go out and purchase extremely expensive software for photo editing.


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2 thoughts on “Image Creation Tools

  1. Jacqui McGuire-Day says:

    Great ideas, Mia! I like the idea of using Big Huge Labs to make trading cards with information about natural disasters. I had a similar thought about making trading cards. My idea was to have the students make trading cards about famous Americans and famous explorers!


  2. heatherjohnsonsite says:

    Oh Mia! I was so excited reading your blog! I love that you are already using some of these things in your classroom! The book advertisements really caught my attention! I have been having my students make book advertisement the “old fashioned way” with paper and crayons…this was so inspiring! I will definitely be adding this to my summer notes for next year! Thanks for the great ideas!


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