3D Printing Model

We were asked to create a 3D Model that could be printed at our ODU Summer Institute next week. I used Tinkercad to create my model. I created an account and went through some of the initial lessons on how to use the program. I began creating my design with little effort until I tried to add what are called holes to my design. These holes allow you to delete space in your initial object. I put them in, used copy and paste, and they remained gray. I Googled how to get the shapes to appear transparent and learned that I just needed to group all of the objects together…seemed simple enough and it worked. Another issue I had was when I tried adding letters and they kept going underneath the shape. I couldn’t figure out how to keep them on top of the object. Once again back to Google. I found my answer right away and moved the shape, decreased the depth, put the letters on top, grouped it, and moved it back to the original location. Tinkercad does take some tinkering that’s for sure but you can get the hang of it as long as you allow yourself plenty of time and patience!

Here is my bookmark design:


It was created so that it would be like a paperclip on the pages of a book. I would love to see how it works if we could really print them. I have seen bracelets and other things created in the past that aren’t as durable as you think they should be especially when handled by kids.


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