QR Codes and Augmented Reality

QR Codes



I created a QR Code using QRCode Monkey. I made a Voki and shared it so that I could copy and paste the link and put that in the QRCode generator. I changed the color using the drop down options and then downloaded the .png file. I then added the media here for your viewing pleasure.

We have used QR Codes in the library where I work for quite some time. We do something called Book in a Minute where students record a Photostory which is a picture of them and a voice recording of why the like the book and think others should read it. We then take the saved video, upload it to Dropbox, and share the video link to copy and paste the link into the QR Code generator. Once the code has been created we just copy and paste it to MS Word and adjust the size. We print the QR codes, have them laminated, and place them on the back of the books on the Book in a Minute shelf. The videos are shown on the morning announcements and they are also watched from the back of the book using a device that has a QR reader. This has been an excellent way to get kids to advertise books to their peers and share with others what they are reading. The Book in a Minute shelf is very popular!

Another way to use QR codes in the library is to have a scavenger hunt while students are learned the different locations of books within the library. You could create codes to see if they are on the right path where one clue leads to the next etc…An easy way to do this is to put students in groups and print the codes using colored paper so that each group only looks at codes printed on their paper. You could even hide them within a book to be sure they were able to locate it.

Augmented Reality

The TED Talk was very eye opening. The example with the newspaper being outdated as soon as you get it and being able to use your phone to click a picture and have a video open was something that may just keep newspapers in business. Holding your phone over something and getting video set up directions is amazing too. Already with the You Tube instructional videos we have fixed our washing machine which saved us >$100 on a service call. I can see the implications of this being huge! Aurasma has so many cool features with implications for the library and books in general. Adding video elements to books in your own library would be a benefit for students even when they check it out and take it home as long as they have a device. You could add material that is relevant to the book for additional information.

You could also find an online book review or author interview and create an Aurasma of it and attach that to the book for more interaction. Students would then have more information about a particular book or the author of that book.





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