Jamestown Research

Step 1 – Read the Digital Citizenship page before you begin your research.

Step 2 – Use the pathfinder worksheet to organize your research. Read the entire worksheet before starting so that you know what information needs to be collected. You will use this information to write your 1 1/2 – 2 page paper.

Step 2 – Search Catalog using Destiny. Do you have the title of the book you are looking for? If so, type it in the search box and click title. If not, try searching using keywords and then subject.

We have an extensive non-fiction section containing books on Jamestown. You could certainly browse 973 – 975 and find excellent book resources.

Sample Available Books

There are also numerous eBooks available. You search for eBooks the same way you search for regular books they just appear with a little e in front of them. If they are available it says In.

Sample Available eBooks

Step 3 – Have you searched the library Databases available? Databases are linked below. If you need username and password information please ask.

britannica       worldbook

Step 4 – Jamestown Information Links. Search through the links to access information pertaining to Jamestown.

Historic Jamestowne

Jamestown Information and Videos 

Virtual Jamestown

Jamestown History

History of Jamestown from National Park Service

Jamestown History from LiveScience

Ducksters Jamestown Settlement

Jamestown Social Studies for Kids

Early Jamestown Settlement from Encyclopedia Virginia

Step 5 – Click the videos below to learn more about Jamestown history and settlement.


Jamestown Colony


Jamestown 1607


Jamestown Settlement


Life in Jamestown


Jamestown Colony


Jamestown Colony


Step 6 – Be sure to cite all of the sources that you have used. Examples and instructions are included on the citations page.

Virginia SOL’s and AASL Standards