Step 1: Read The Giver by Lois Lowry.

Step 2: Review the Lois Lowry website for information about the author and view some of the other books she has written.

Step 3: Check the Lowis Lowry Book page for ideas of a second book to read. You are certainly not limited to just this list. Use Destiny to search for books we have in our library.

Step 4: View the author interviews and book trailers. When viewing the book trailers pay close attention to what you liked and what you would do to improve the video.

Step 5: Review Digital Citizenship page and be aware of the plagiarism and copyright definitions and rules.

Step 6: View links on the citations page and be sure to include citations when creating your video.

Step 7: Once you have completed reading your book you will create a video trailer on either The Giver or the second Lowis Lowry book you read. Your video trailer should be created like a preview for the book. Go back and review some of the trailers if needed. Remember that this should just be like an advertisement of the book. You must also include narration. W e will complete these using iMovie or Windows Live Movie Maker.  Handouts and instruction on using these will also be conducted during class time.