Technology changes at a rapid pace. There are so many different tools available to use and we at Smith library are innovators and educators in technology. If you have any questions please ask.

Here are some of my top recommendations for free technology websites:

16 Websites Every Teacher Should Know About – This particular page has a list of some fantastic resources that if you aren’t already using you may want to delve deeper.

321 Free Educational Technology Tools for Teachers – This site has an abundance of useful tools set up in lists using 18 categories.

Edutopia – This website is very useful to educators when designing lesson plans, looking for ideas, and seeing what the latest and greatest is in technology.

Another element to incorporate would be Podcasting. I highly recommend this site by Matthew Winner. Please see me and we can discuss ideas on how to incorporate it into your classroom.

Thank you – Vocaroo Voice Recording


One World – One Web by PSD CC by 2.0